The new version of the popular Oxygen OS 2.0 from Oppos is now available for free on the internet. The Oxygen OS 2.0, like its predecessors, offers you many features but also includes some changes that are new to the OS. The most important feature of this OS is probably the new feature called Oxygen Plus. With this feature, you will be able to make in-app purchases for items such as games and music. Apart from that feature, this phone also has some amazing features. oneplus nord 2

The Oxygen Plus feature enables you to have the main camera and the gallery in one window so that you can perform two tasks at the same time. One example is that you can see your images in the Gallery while you are taking a video. This is an extremely useful function for someone who uses the main camera for other purposes. If you want to do something else, but still want to see what you have done with the camera, just open the Gallery window and take care of that task without having to open the main camera.

The OnePLUS world series from Oppos has an astounding offer for its consumers. The first one of this series was the OnePLUS SGHiami which has been very successful in raising the bar for smartphone performance. The SGHiami offered excellent camera performance but unfortunately, it lacked in terms of connectivity and the battery life was not very impressive. The Oppos OnePLUS 2 is very different as it provides excellent performance for both the camera functions and for connectivity.

The display on the Oppos One PLUS 2 is quite large and is certainly one of the best on any smartphone. It provides bright and vibrant colors and is certainly a great asset when you’re out and about. When it comes to battery life, the one plus 2 last longer than any other smartphone including the iPhone and Android devices. This means that you will have more than enough time to be able to use all of your apps and perform other tasks that make the phone so attractive to begin with.

The OnePLUS 2 also offers one of the most advanced smartphone cameras on the market. It includes a dual camera sensor, which allows you to capture your image in different modes including burst mode for high quality images. The camera sensor also helps in taking photos in different light situations such as outdoor and indoor. The chipset inside the Oppo smartphone is the octa-core chipset, which is made up of several high speed cores that play a major role in processing the data from the smart phone’s CPU. It also supports H.G. BC driver that ensures that the camera performs flawlessly even in the toughest of conditions.

Apart from the above mentioned major advantages, the OnePLUS 2 also has some minor disadvantages as well. For example, it lacks OIS (on screen image sensor) which prevents it from taking better pictures in low lighting conditions. In addition, it lacks OPE (optical image sensor) which helps in taking crisp and clear images in monochrome camera conditions. On the whole, the OnePLUS 2 is an ideal device that fulfils all of our needs as it has all the major advantages of a modern smartphone including amazing display, superb cameras and excellent processing power. The price of the smartphone is not cheap as it is still higher than the iPhone and Android handsets but it is definitely worth the money spent on it. If you are thinking about buying this smartphone, then you can go through my blog where I review some of the best pocket mobile phones in the market.

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